The ladies

Ladies featured here have attended, will be attending or have expressed an interest in attending our parties, and are currently on the official invitation list! They are listed in Alphabetical order (except for the hostesses). The ladies hometown is next to their name as well. Click on a lady’s name to see her website. Book time now before she gets too busy! ūüėČ

Once a lady has RSVPd “Yes” to the next party, her name appears in bold orange¬†type.

The next Meet and Greet will be held in Tampa on Dec. 6th, 2018

Your hostesses:                            

Makenzie Rae (Orlando)                     Sarah Landon (Tampa)

Alessa Velarde (San Francisco)

Alex Weston (Orlando)

Alivia Leveauxxx (Miami)

Analannie (Miami)                                                                 

Angie Summers (Tampa)

Ana Vixen (Ft. Lauderdale)

Anneke VanBuren (NYC)                                                

Annie (Tampa)

Ava St. Claire (Orlando)

Ava Moore (Tampa)

Baby Bella (Ponte Vedre Beach)

Becki Labine (Indianapolis)     

Berry (Tampa) 

Beverly Lamour (Orlando)

Brie Daniels (Dunedin)

Brigette (Tampa)

Captivating Carissa (Tampa)

Captivating Cory (Miami)

Carmen Sinclair  (Orlando)

Caroline Daly (Tampa)

Catherine (Orlando)

Chanel Elise (NY)

Chantel Etoile (Tampa) 

Charizma (Ft. Lauderdale)    

Cherry Sweets (N. Carolina/California)   

Chloe Summers  (Orlando)

Crysta Heart (Midwest)                                                                  

Damon King (Clearwater)

Danica Malone (Jax)

Desire Drea (Vegas)

Elizabeth Moore (Tampa)

Elle Vegas (Miami)

Ellie King (Miami)

Erica Renee (Miami)

Erika (Miami)

Exotic Vivian (Miami)

Eva Rae (Tampa)

Freya Fantasia (San Diego)

Gabriella Mancini (Carolinas)

Gigi (Orlando)

Goldie Knox (San Diego)

Grace Evangeline (Tampa)

Grace Taylor (Clearwater)

Gwen Dylan (Miami)

Harla Quinn (Orlando)

Harmony Bancroft (Detroit, MI)

Harper Madison (Tampa)

Heather Heavenly (Las Vegas)

Heidi the Housewife (Tampa)

Hilary Holiday (Minneapolis, MN)

ilara Santos (Miami)

Isabella (Tampa)

Izza Bella (Tampa)

Jennie Squirts (Orlando)

Jeslyn Cantrell (Tampa)

Jessica Knightly (Naples)

Kassidy (Boston

Kat, Leggy Beach Babe (Orlando)

Kate Covington (Tampa)

Kaylie (Tampa)

Kaylee (Tampa)

Kennedy James (Charlotte)

Keyla Keys (Tampa)

Kissable Kristen (Tampa)

Kitty Kat (Tampa)

Koreana Lim (Los Angeles)

Lady V (Tampa)

Lana Lush (Orlando)

Lana Madison (NYC)

Layla Luv (Tallahassee)

Leah Tampa (Tampa)

Lexa Skye (Clearwater, FL)

Lexie (Los Angeles and International)

Lexi Vonn (Tampa)

London Sinclair (Omaha, NE)

Lovely Lola (Los Angeles and International)

Lucky (Orlando)

Luiza Brazil (Orlando)

Luscious Lucile (Texas)

Mara Jade (Ft. Lauderdale)

Marie Simone (Chicago)

Ms Phoenix Rising (Duluth)

Maya Synn (Los Angeles)

Naughty Nikki (Philly)

Nina Bella (Tampa)

Olivia Corvisart (Mexico)

Paige Sweetstuff (Orlando)

Philly Abbey (Philly)

Provocative Pisces (Nashville)

Racheal Love (Jacksonville)

Raquel Reigns (Kentucky)

Rebekah Cavanaugh (Boston/NE)

Salone (Detroit)

Sandra Dee (Tampa)

Sarah Page (Naples/Sarasota)

Sasha Benjamin (Orlando)

Savannah (Orlando)

Serina Sander (Tampa)

Sexxy Linda (Philly)

Sexy Toni (Miami)

Shyla Dazzling (Miami)

Sitara Devi (NYC)

Sophia Laurent (Tampa)

Sofia Antoinette (Miami)

Stacey Kain (Miami)

Stephanie (Carolinas)

Summer Rose (Tampa)

Sway Marcellis (Tampa)

Sweet Jenna (NC)

SydneySpice (Tampa)

Talia Amour (Tampa)

Tanya Holly(Tampa)

Taylor Marie (Atlanta)

Tori West (Tampa and Los Angeles)

Trina Starr (Miami)

Trixxxie Love (Las Vegas)

TS Traci Ann Knox (Tampa)

Velvet Vacation (Orlando)

 Vicki34f (NYC)

 Victoria Jolie  (Philly)

Vivian Chance (Tampa)

Zada Free Spirit (Tampa)





  1. Reddy2go10

    Fantastic job done by Sarah and Mackenzie Rae!
    Plenty of fun people and a great time was had by all!
    Enjoyed meeting many new friends!
    Thanks ladies!


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