The Great Gatsby, Tampa MnG Dec 12, 2019

Attire: Formal, Great Gatsby theme! Think Hollywood in the 20s, red carpet glamour.

Please join us for an evening of glitz and glamour, a la roaring 20s style! 

Ladies: Please don your best glitzy formal 20s look to celebrate the holidays. If you are wearing something too revealing please cover up on your way to the event.   

Gents: How about a tuxedo, suit, jacket and tie? Speakeasy formal!

Just a reminder:

Gents: bring an envelope with your Punchbowl handle on the outside of the envelope with $100.00 inside 
Ladies: bring an envelope with your working name on the outside with $25.00   

At 9pm we will be having our Best dressed contest for the Gents and Ladies!
There will be delicious hors d’oeuvres and a limited bar.  Be prepared with cash or credit card if the limit is reached.

Please note this change: There will be no cameras or cell phone pictures allowed during the party. It is best if you leave your phone in your vehicle. Remember, discretion is of the utmost importance for everyone. If you choose to bring your phone, or are in a situation that requires you to have access to your phone, you may bring it and put it in a Ziploc bag with your name on it (provided by us), and it will be locked in a small safe. You can then request access throughout the evening as you need to.  We ask that this be respected and if you are caught taking photos, then you will be escorted out by our security after the offending photos have been deleted from your device. You will not be invited to future events.

Want to attend? We would love to have you. Check the Welcome page for requirements to get added to the list. Email us what we require. Any question, feel free to email us

Your Hostesses,

Softly Sarah, Makenzie Rae and Sasha Benjamin

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