Ladies Luncheon~Orlando, May 22, 2019-Save the date!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
11am to 5pm

SunSensual is in the process of planning our 4th Ladies Luncheon for May 22nd in the greater Orlando area. We’d love to have you join us, so we are giving you this heads-up on the date so you can make room for it in your calendars. Once the particulars have been nailed down, we will be sending out an invitation with all the details. But this one will be different! It’s a spa day by the pool! We’ll enjoy the services you expect at spas, a buffet lunch by the pool, and there will be a hot tub available, too. So stay tuned- more information to follow.

Remember that if anyone knows established Ladies who wish to be added to the party list, please refer them to so they can send us what we need for screening purposes.

Your co-hosts,

Softly Sarah (ter # 198060) and Makenzie Rae (ter #143954)

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