Tampa, Dec. 2018- Save the date!!

We are preparing for our Winter gala celebration, and we’ve picked the date and location! Please make plans to join us in Tampa for our very special winter event, “All that Glitters is Snow” on December 6th at 6:30pm!

We ran into some location issues and can’t do our originally planned pajama party, so we’ve opted for a very upscale location and theme instead, and we will be celebrating the season in style!

Stay tuned for the formal invitation, in which you will receive the zip code of the party venue. If you need hotel area suggestions prior to receiving the formal invitation, send us an email at sunsensualmng@safeoffice.com.

Softly Sarah (ter # 198060) and Makenzie Rae (ter #143954)

If you wish to join us please go to the Welcome page of this blog for screening requirements!

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