May Flowers in Tampa- Deadlines!!

Dearest Fellow Party Lovers,
We have recently been made aware that some invitations are going into spam/bulk folders. Please make sure to check them if you haven’t received yours yet! If you don’t see it in your spam/bulk folder, and haven’t seen one yet in your regular mailbox, please let us know asap, and we will resend you one.

This party’s venue requires advance planning, and as such there are some deadlines of which we’d like to make you aware:
  • 5/09/2016 by midnight we would appreciate your RSVP as we have to order food for the venue & need to get a good idea as to the number of attendees.

  • 5/16/2016 by midnight, we will need your fun fact!

  • 5/18/2016 by midnight, we must have final RSVPs. Please note: if you cancel after this, or are a NCNS, and you are a gent, you will be required to pay the entrance fee for our next party in advance. Last minute cancellations for our parties fall into same category as last minute cancellations on a lady… it’s just not a good idea, so please take this seriously. Thank you! We really appreciate it. If you are a NCNS, and any gender, you will be removed from the party invitation list and you’ll have to write to us to get included on future invitations.
Gentlemen: Make sure to check the blog to see which ladies are planning to attend! Please RSVP now so you don’t miss these gorgeous beauties!!
Ladies: Please check the blog’s “Latest News” to see our photographer’s offerings! Also, please let us know if you would like to be included in the ladies’ luncheon. If you’ve never attended one, you’re in for a treat! 🙂
As always, please feel free to email us at with any questions. We’ll also be happy to send you our hotel recommendation should you require one. We may decide to reserve a block of rooms depending on the numbers of people interested in this, so if you are, please let us know.
With warmest regards,
Sarah and Makenzie


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