Providers Business Brunch and Social

Please join us for a Providers’ Business Brunch and Social time

When: Wednesday, May 20th from Noon to 3:30pm.
Where: Greater Orlando Area

We will be welcoming two presenters: 

12:30pm: Talia Amor will be speaking on Erotic Blueprints. Talia Amour has over 10 years experience in sex work and sex coaching. She is acknowledged by the world Association of sex coaches and certified as an Erotic Blueprint Coach, and is one of the founders of Erotic Exploration events, creating upscale, consent-based play parties.

Learn the language of arousal and pleasure!
I want to share with you a secret I have in how I connect with my clients better,  get my needs met and create a safe environment for my clients and I to explore eroticism. My secret is called the erotic blueprints! This is an arousal and pleasure typing system.
I use them in my real life and with my clients. The blueprints have taught me a better way to interact with clients and create boundaries in my interactions with them. I feel more fulfilled and my clients leave happier and choose to come back to see me because of the Epic experience that we are able to create together. I am a certified Erotic Blueprint(™) coach and certified Sex Coach and I look forward to sharing this with you!
Take the quiz to get a preview on what this program has to offer!
Take the Blueprint Quiz:

1:45pm: Scott Orsini is a lawyer, and will be speaking on FOSTA-SESTA (briefly), business law, payment systems, and the lack of police procedures and guidelines as to what police can and cannot do. He is happy to take questions on legal topics as well.

Invitations have been sent, so please RSVP for this fantastic event! If you’re not on our invitation list yet, please send us your information, listed on the homepage of this blog. If you’re on our invitation list, but have not received the invitation, please email us at

This event is sponsored by:

SWOP Behind Bars

Trish at Pure Romance

Spring Hill Woodworks
Website is
Twitter  @hill_works
IG: springhillwoodworks

Your Hostesses,

Softly Sarah and Crysta Heart
TW: @SunSensualMnG
IG: @ssmng2015

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